2016: What a time to be alive! 

It was the best of years, it was the worst of years.  I won’t dwell on the personal bad bits: suffice it to say that death, divorce, uprooting, crippling  stress and huge personal challenges have all been in the mix this year. However, there have also been amazing good bits, and at times it seems […]

Week on St Agnes

I have just returned from the far south-west. The last time I was on the Isles of Scilly was 27 years ago, when I was but a callow youth with acne and attitude. This time, older and with even more attitude and a bit less acne, I took in the Isles’ beauty with more appreciation […]

Walking Lessons

Having done a bit of long-distance walking over the last few years, I thought I would share some of the things I have learned about how to make my walk as comfortable as possible. Every walk is different, and the learning never stops, so more experienced walkers will no doubt be able to add to […]

Big Day on Foot.

“I think, therefore I amble”. Descartes. I didn’t really start out with the intention of walking huge miles. It just came to me a few miles in. Why not? Why – the hell – not? My original goal was to break 100 bird species on foot, which seemed a fair challenge, but with new socks […]

Bawdsey – Butley Loop. 

Yesterday’s Dovestep 3 training walk was in a new place for me – familiar habitats, yet quite fresh and interesting. The Suffolk coast has much in common with Norfolk, and this walk also shared some of the remoteness and exposed ambience. Huge miles weren’t on offer here, as my esteemed training partner Mr Jonny Rankin […]

It’s not the winning…

So this weekend, for one reason and another, I couldn’t join fellow Dovestepper Jonny Rankin for Breckland training, so I set myself up for a Norfolk coast walk. Jonny, being highly competitive, offered to match any mileage I did and beat it by one, which gave the day some added spice. I have to admit […]

Colombia – the blog: part 6 – El fin.

Dave, Graham and I left the wonderful Montezuma Road, and we also left Pete who was staying for an extra week, with the sole aim of making us jealous; as it turned out, the following days were wet in the hills, and some great views of crested ant tanager were about the highlight. We decided […]